SigChat for your website

SigChat is a group chat for your website. Install it to your site and your visitors will be able to contact to you and to chat to each other online.

Why SigChat?
The main difference between SigChat and other chats is existence of functions “Call for attention”, “System of creating chats”, “Generating the header according to the content of the page” and “Moderation by criteria”.
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Callforattention is our registered invention that represents the automatic analysis of the information from the chats with the automatic notification about arrival information you need to the persons, mentioned by you. This patent is developed and implemented in SigChat. Using this function you miss no important messages sent from any chats on your website.
Ex.: to make the site owner to pay attention to all messages containing words “want, order, make order, price”.

"System of creating chats" is a set of functions that provides the ability to allocate different chat windows on one website, to set them necessary sizes, to place and to design under appearance of the current page on your website.

"Generating the header according to the content of the page" is a function which allows to integrate Sigchat deeply on your website.

"Moderation by criteria" - is a very useful function that executes selective moderation. It allows sending to moderation the messages which require your template.
Ex.: sending to moderation all messages that contain e-mail address.

Moreover, look at all possibilities and help for faster and productive application of SigChat.

This project is under open beta-testing. At the current moment application of the functions is available for everyone. In the future some of the functions will be available just in the extended version.
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